Bill took us to Le Bernadin for lunch.  INSANE.  There were four of us and we all ordered three classic Le B dishes:  raw tuna over foie gras; lobster tagliatelle; dover sole.   This is my favorite lunch place on earth — period.

WINES:  we started with a 2015 Reisling chosen by best Somm in America Aldo Sohm — it was really good, more dry than usual, which is a good thing for me at the beginning of things.

Next was a 2011 ROULOT MEURSAULT  — other than Coche Dury, Roulot is my favorite producer of Meursault — and this was quite good.

Next was a 2012 Ravenau Clos Chablis — one of the best Chablis I have recently had.  It was remarkably good as a pairing with the lobster tagliatelle.

Finally, we had a 1952 Leroy Bonne Mares and a 1962 Leroy La Romanee — with a most incredible Dover Sole.  The 52 was so flower petals in the sun delicate and lasted about 20 minutes before beginning to wilt.  But a great 20 minutes and a rare treat.  The 1962, on the other hand, got better and better in the glass over 20 minutes — however, it is still a rather light and delicate burg, not as dense and intense as the DRCs from 62.

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