1957 Richebourg; 1988 Romanee Conti; 1999 La Tache; 1969 La Tache; 1969 Richebourg; 1991 RSP (en Mag); 1985 Richebourg; 1971 GE; 1991 La Tache; 1990 Richebourg; 1999 Richebourg; 1947 Richebourg; 1961 Krug; 1969 Krug; 1989 Krug CDM; 1985 Cristal (en Mag); for a FULL ANALYSIS OF ALL WINES GO TO:

The next night was the main event at Hollywood Jef’s home in Beverly Hills, where over sixty people came to enjoy and share nothing but wines from DRC.  It’s not often you get Wolfgang Puck and Masa at the same party, but this was Hollywood Jef, after all.  Everyone seemed to gather around the dining room table that might have sit twelve comfortably, but it also seemed to fit sixty bottles quite nicely.  I tasted thirty-two:
1988 DRC Romanée-Conti (97)
2003 DRC Echezeaux Magnum (92M)
1971 DRC Grands-Echezeaux (94)
1985 DRC Richebourg (96)
2002 DRC Grands-Echezeaux (93)
1969 DRC La Tache (93)
1991 DRC La Tache (97)
1970 DRC La Tache Magnum (92M)
1957 DRC Richebourg (95)
1999 DRC La Tache (99)
1999 DRC Echezeaux (94)
1991 DRC Echezeaux (90?)
1999 DRC Richebourg (95)
1969 DRC Richebourg (94)
2002 DRC La Tache (97)
2001 DRC La Tache (96)
1991 DRC La Tache (97)
2009 DRC La Tache (94+)
1991 DRC Romanée-Saint-Vivant Magnum (95)
1947 DRC Richebourg (95)
1995 DRC La Tache (95)
2002 DRC Romanée-Saint-Vivant Magnum (95M)
2003 DRC La Tache (95)
2000 DRC La Tache (DQ) – corked
1999 DRC Vosne-Romanée Duvault Blochet (93)
1989 DRC La Tache (93)
2010 DRC Richebourg (93?)
2007 DRC Richebourg (94)
1996 DRC Richebourg (96)
1999 DRC Romanée-Conti (97+)
1999 DRC Richebourg (94)
The Happy Recap
Conti Chaos
For a recap, 1999 La Tache ruled the roost, again, and The Rev blessed that sentiment.  There are few DRC wines that are better, and even though it is relatively young, it is and has always been incredible.  The ’99 RC needs some more time, but it will catch up.  The ’88 RC showed why RC RC needs thirty years anyway before they get interesting, and this was an intense spanking of a wine.  The ’02 and ’91 LTs were awesome, and the 1985 DRC Richebourg was in a great spot, and the 1996 Richebourg was just starting to come out of its shell, kicking its way out for sure.  The 1957 Riche was delicious and another in a long line of ’57 DRCs delivering in the presence of Bad Boy.  The 1947 Richebourg was the oldest wine on the table, outstanding and holding on in an autumnal way with band-aid, leather, chalk and black fruits.