Words cannot express how incredible this lineup was.  The 1973/1978/1979/1985 flight was perhaps the greatest flight of white wine I have ever had.  The 1978, in particular, may be the single best bottle of white burgundy I have ever had the luck to taste.  The 90s vintages were also incredible.  If you have the great luck to find a well stored/preserved bottle, this is a once in a lifetime wine.  Go for it.  For a FULL BOTTLE BY BOTTLE ANALYSIS GO TO:



A Hollywood Happy Birthday, Part II
We reconvened the next night for the first of two DRC friendly evenings, the first being the more intimate of the two, an eighteen vintage vertical of DRC Montrachet.  I can safely say there was no better place to be in the wine world on this night!
We began the evening with a magnum of 1975 Dom Perignon that was super fresh out of the gate, flirtatious and flirting with outstanding.  It was an excellent start to an excellent evening, and while ’75 is not in the same category as many other of the better vintages that surround it, good bottles are quite pleasurable (94M).
Cork Souffle
Cork Souffle
The 1969 Krug was another fresh bottle with lots of apple juice action.  This was a superb and zippy Champagne, in outstanding territory for sure and almost even more (96).
The Punisher seemed to think the 2012 DRC Montrachet was still quite young, but I was enthralled with this admittedly still wound-up wine.  Its deep, buttery nose had great stony spice and musk.  It was rich, decadent and intense and yes, a bit young, but still quite showy.  It had a strong finish.  Someone commented that it was great but ‘just young’ (96+).
Young Studs
Young Studs
The 2008 DRC Montrachet was very buttery but also a bit figgy with much more botrytis.  It was super sweet with rich coffee and caramel aromas.  There was less intensity on its finish compared to the 2012.  This was a buttery ball in the mouth with tasty chicken skin flavors on its finish.  It improved in the glass and throughout the night, becoming super kinky in a get to know me better way (96).
The 2005 DRC Montrachet displayed some more milky and yeasty aromas.  It was tight and a bit pins and needles-y.  There was some intensity, but it was more restrained despite its dried caramel flavors and a touch of butterscotch.  Someone hailed it as ‘a great bottle of 2005’ (for this wine), and while I was not sure it will improve much, I knew that it definitely will age (95+).
The 2004 DRC Montrachet was the most floral and so sweet, decadent, lush, and creamy.  Mmmmm delicious stuff.  Since I just reviewed it the night before, I kept my notes short.  The Ambassador was feeling like opening up new trade relations and gave it 99 points lol, but he wasn’t too far off (97).
We carried on with 2001 DRC Montrachet, which was grassy and gamy with pungency as well.  There were lots of waterfall aromas.  The palate was much richer than the ’04 and also sweet on the botrytis side, but not as much as the ’08.  The Ambassador hailed this vintage as ‘smokin,’ but to me it didn’t have the depth on the finish to be at the tippy top of the point scales.  Christian noted the wine’s great lift (96+).
I have always loved the 2000 vintage of this wine, but the 2000 DRC Montrachet might be finally turning a corner and past its prime.  This bottle was more mature than memory served me, with lots of waterfall and subpar flesh.  It was a bit alcoholic on the finish.  This was a gamy, yeasty, chalky and stony wine.  Someone called it ‘still good but not the same as it was’ (93).
The 1999 DRC Montrachet was a beast.  It was the biggest, tightest and brawniest wine we encountered on this night with the most raw materials in tow.  There was a touch of bitters on its long and zippy finish.  I wrote “BIG BEAST” again.  Yes, this wine is huge but I would wait a few more years, this should be an all-time legendary DRC Montrachet (97+).
99 Reasons
99 Reasons
The 1993 DRC Montrachet was the Miss Congeniality of the night, as it was delicious and a right down the middle fastball of a Monty.  It had great butterscotch, pecan and toffee flavors, still all bridled and reined in that proper equestrian way.  Christian found it ‘super sexy,’ or his eyes might have been off the table lol.  It was also Hollywood Jef’s favorite, getting 99 points from him.  On Sunset Boulevard, that’s locally known as a JL ‘fully erect’ lol (96).
The 1998 DRC Montrachet had a musky and wintry nose.  It was delicate, feminine and floral on its nose, but its palate was briny and spiny.  This was an excellent Montrachet but just short of outstanding (94).
The 1997 DRC Montrachet was delicious and so good right now, a veritable right thurrr.  This was a great Montrachet, surprisingly intense and punching way above its weight class with massive acidity.  1997 was an excellent vintage for whites, but nothing I have ever had from that year was this powerful (96)!
Hey, That’s Me
Hey, That’s Me
The 1996 DRC Montrachet reminded me so much of the 1999.  It was another beast of a wine and theoretically the best wine.  Sorry for the short note but sometimes these dinners start moving faster than I can taste lol (97+).
The color on the 1995 DRC Montrachet was a bit dark, but the palate was still excellent. It tasted what I wrote as ‘normal,’ but it felt a step behind the best wines.  Its palate was drier with lots of caramel flavors (94).
The 1991 DRC Montrachet was a solid wine, a bit square but nice and pleasing.  Its palate was intense despite the weaker vintage tag, at least for the whites (93).
The Ambassador exclaimed that the 1990 DRC Montrachet was ‘spectacular!’  That was true, and this was surely the best wine of the night so far.  It had incredible balance in a muscular way and was rich and intense with another ‘so’ long finish that kept unfurling.  The Attorney General didn’t like it so much, which caused me to write ‘WTF LOL.’  Hollywood Jef declared that it was like the ‘sweetest pussy ever,’ and I can’t quite read my writing after that, but he either said ‘other than’ or ‘better than my wife’ lol.  Yes, it was that time of the night (98).
The 1989 DRC Montrachet was a big (DQ), and I can’t remember why, but we quickly moved on to the 1988 DRC Montrachet, which was delicious in the same vein as the ’04 and ’08 with its sweet tropical fruit.  There was a creamy, sexy honeyed quality here.  This was a buttery, delicious white.  There was a spring floral edge with excellent sweetness and white sugar cube action.  This was more in the ready to go camp but still outstanding (96).
Straight Flush
Straight Flush
The 1985 DRC Montrachet was also great, are you sensing a theme?  It had nectar-like honeysuckle aromas and flavors to match with delicious and decadent rainwater and butter flavors as well.  This was in a great spot (97).
The 1979 DRC Montrachet was unfortunately (DQ), completely shot as in cooked/oxidized/gone etc.
The One & Only
The One & Only
There was one great bottle of 1978 DRC Montrachet out of two served, and thankfully I got the great one.  There was definitely some rumbling and grumbling, because one bottle was served to half the room and the other to the other half.  Since most wines were one bottle each, everyone could have tasted the first bottle and then tried the second etc.  Just trying to help all of your future dinner parties ; ) White cocoa jumped out of its nose.  This was a rich, decadent and divine glass of wine.  ‘Great great great,’ I wrote.  The sun was just setting for the wine, but this sun was still full and blazing, lighting up the sky.  There was some gamy goodness with white chocolate and great smoke flavors.  Its finish was super smoky, in fact, and there was still great acid remaining here to go with tertiary coffee flavors.  Wow (99).
The 1973 DRC Montrachet was still pleasant but a little light and square. I appreciated its delicacy and floral edges, but it was no match for the ‘78 (93).
The Happy Recap
The Happy Recap
And that was that.  The next night was the main event at Hollywood Jef’s home in Beverly Hills, where over sixty people came to enjoy and share nothing but wines from DRC.  It’s not often you get Wolfgang Puck and Masa at the same party, but this was Hollywood Jef, after all.  Everyone seemed to gather around the dining room table that might have sit twelve comfortably, but it also seemed to fit sixty bottles quite nicely.  I tasted thirty-two:
1988 DRC Romanée-Conti (97)
2003 DRC Echezeaux Magnum (92M)
1971 DRC Grands-Echezeaux (94)
1985 DRC Richebourg (96)
2002 DRC Grands-Echezeaux (93)
1969 DRC La Tache (93)
1991 DRC La Tache (97)
1970 DRC La Tache Magnum (92M)
1957 DRC Richebourg (95)
1999 DRC La Tache (99)
1999 DRC Echezeaux (94)
1991 DRC Echezeaux (90?)
1999 DRC Richebourg (95)
1969 DRC Richebourg (94)
2002 DRC La Tache (97)
2001 DRC La Tache (96)
1991 DRC La Tache (97)
2009 DRC La Tache (94+)
1991 DRC Romanée-Saint-Vivant Magnum (95)
1947 DRC Richebourg (95)
1995 DRC La Tache (95)
2002 DRC Romanée-Saint-Vivant Magnum (95M)
2003 DRC La Tache (95)
2000 DRC La Tache (DQ) – corked
1999 DRC Vosne-Romanée Duvault Blochet (93)
1989 DRC La Tache (93)
2010 DRC Richebourg (93?)
2007 DRC Richebourg (94)
1996 DRC Richebourg (96)
1999 DRC Romanée-Conti (97+)
1999 DRC Richebourg (94)
The Happy Recap
Conti Chaos
For a recap, 1999 La Tache ruled the roost, again, and The Rev blessed that sentiment.  There are few DRC wines that are better, and even though it is relatively young, it is and has always been incredible.  The ’99 RC needs some more time, but it will catch up.  The ’88 RC showed why RC RC needs thirty years anyway before they get interesting, and this was an intense spanking of a wine.  The ’02 and ’91 LTs were awesome, and the 1985 DRC Richebourg was in a great spot, and the 1996 Richebourg was just starting to come out of its shell, kicking its way out for sure.  The 1957 Riche was delicious and another in a long line of ’57 DRCs delivering in the presence of Bad Boy.  The 1947 Richebourg was the oldest wine on the table, outstanding and holding on in an autumnal way with band-aid, leather, chalk and black fruits.  Ok I have been writing all afternoon, and it is Sunday.  The rest were what we thought they were.  Hey Hollywood, I have a suggestion for you: 1961s for 61.  Call me : )
In Vino Veritas,