EX “JUNIOR” DOJ PROSECUTOR JASON HERNANDEZ in an email to me: “I represent HDH. HDH will not accept service of process by email. As I have explained previously, your claim against HDH is meritless and it is HDH’s policy that wine cannot be returned for a refund. HDH will therefore not refund your purchase of the wine.” MY ADVICE: STAY AWAY FROM HART DAVIS HART!

“…it is HDH’s policy that wine cannot be returned for a refund.”   Jason Hernandez My lawsuit against Hart Davis Hart alleges that HDH had, based on multiple facts,  not only knowledge that the bottle of wine was counterfeit, but that HDH had intent to sell this fake wine to an innocent, trusting buyer (who turned […]



“Maybe the most important thing you need to know about Tokyo … every high-end chef, from Spain, France, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles — basically every chef I’ve ever met. If you asked them — if you had to spend the rest of your life, in one country, eating one country’s food for the rest of your life, where would that be? They’re all gonna say the same thing. Japan. Tokyo. Period. For me, that’s an argument ender.”
–Anthony Bourdain.