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1971 LA TACHE:  A perfect bottle of one of the most gorgeous Burgundies ever made — Rose Petals dipped in very subtle chinese Spice (Hoisin) taking flight on gossamer wings. Perfect balance and integration of primary, secondary and tertiary nuanced flavors.  Almost brought tears to my eyes.

1990 LA TACHE:  Another perfect bottle, and when you get a bottle this good, you begin to understand the legend.  This is everything the 71 has, but compressed into a powerpack that literally explodes in your mouth.  Easily can go another 50 years until it achieves the ephermeral quality of the 71 above — but this bottle proved the legend and blew my mind.  The best bottle of 1990 I have ever had.

1999 LA TACHE:  So dense, unctuous, like motor oil made out of flower petals.  You can drink it now and it will blow your mind — and will continue to do so for probably 75-100 years.

1991 LA TACHE:  Textbook example.  This was great, but not as great as the 90 — there were some slightly jagged edges at every level — nose, mouth, finish – but if you had this alone 100 points in any company.  Another perfect bottle.  It was incredible to have a perfect bottle of 90 with a perfect bottle of 91 — one could really understand the subtle difference between these two wines/vintages.

1988 LA TACHE:  Served blind.  I thought it was a perfect bottle of 1980 (which I love).  This was neither acidic nor austere — it was beautiful in every way — the best 1988 La Tache I have ever experienced.

1985 LA TACHE:  A little bit clunky (not quite as sublime and elegant as the above bottles), but it made up for that lack with sheer mouthfuls of absolute hedonistic pleasure.  Another perfect bottle and one of the best 750s of 85 I have ever had.

1900 SANDEMAN PORT:  This is otherworldly stuff — fucking brilliant is all anyone could say.