I am going to tell you how to drink Burgundy like a billionaire, but for an average of $100 dollars a bottle (which is still a lot, for most people).  Here is the secret:  in Burgundy, the great PRODUCERS do not make bad wine — and most of them make an affordable, “simpler” version of their $ 5,000.00 wines.  Here are some photos of some of the great, affordable burgundies that you should look for.  I will also provide a list of the Producers who you cannot go wrong with, even when buying their “Villages” wines.  In Burgundy it is all about the farmer/wine maker (they are one in the same) – and a very few of the superstars make inexpensive “table wines” which they are just as proud of (its what they drink) as their billionaire bottles.

WHITE BURGUNDY PRODUCERS WHO MAKE VILLAGES WINES:  Coche Dury; Ravenau; Lafon; Leflaive; Roulot; Bouchard; Latour-

RED BURGUNDY PRODUCERS WHO MAKE VILLAGES WINES:  Drouhin; Meo-Camuzet; Mugnier; Fourrier; Vogue; Liger-Belair; Latour–

All of the above Producers are farmer/winemakers (as are all the Producers in Burgundy) — they are like Mother, Father & Midwife all combined with regard to their wines.  The great ones can make a good wine in any vintage; and when the weather helps them, a fantastic wine.

I am forgetting a few but will re-post over the next few months.  All of the above producers make incredible wines for 100 bucks a bottle or less — knowing what I am telling you is the first part; seeking the wines out (try online) is the second part.  Restaurants will charge 1000-2000 per bottle (based on the famous names of the makers) for these wines that you can buy for around $100 — so get the wines and bring em with you.

And I will tell you, when you try these wines, you will see that, on a small budget, you can drink like a billionaire wine collector — and in the great vintages (you can find a Burgundy vintage chart online) they are very very close to the high enders.

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