The highlights of the night, for me were the final two flights:

Once again, I tasted 1967 (see “Bitch Slapped In Beverly Hills by 1967”); two of the wines were the same (67 Vega Sicilia Unico and 67 DRC La Tache) — and once again, both wines showed surprisingly well.  Even in a lineup of three blind glasses, the identity of these wines presented itself — which was quite amazing.  The third wine was a 1967 Gaja Barbaresco (!), which was also quite fantastic — I thought it bordeaux at first, then when the year 1967 was revealed, I switched to Italian.

The final red flight was three Calon Segur from the 50s.  These wines were so vibrant and full of life, I guessed that all three were bords from the 80s!  The vintages were 53, 55 and 59.   I got the 53, but the 55 was so good I mistook it for 59.   Calon Segur was the favorite vineyard (that is why there is a heart on the label) of a famous Marquis who also owned the two most famous bord vineyards, Lafite and Latour; despite the fact that The Marquis owned the two greatest vineyards of Bordeaux, his great love was his Calon Segur.

Honorable mention goes to the 1999 Meo Camuzet Richebourg, one of the best Richebourgs I have ever had.

Purple Palate - FINAL MENU 11 14 17-1

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