Yazawa is Korean style at-your-table BBQ with the highest quality Japanese beef in the world — sort of a weird super high end hybrid place.

It is expensive, but the Omakase is absolutely mind blowingly good, and therefore worth the price if you love beef.

We started with a gorgeous bottle of 82 Salon — I thought in 750 format it would be over the hill, but I was very wrong — it had developed some incredible secondary and tertiary layers which made it incredibly enthralling.

Although between Mouton and Latour, I prefer “The Latour Style” — Mouton, in the early years of 82, was more drinkable than the inpenetrable Latour.  Well, 35 years on, things are changing — the Latour has emerged as a classic Latour — up there with the 59 and 61.  The Mouton is still great, but this night the Latour took me away.


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