Below is the menu and here are my highlights from this fabulous dinner:

88 Krug is coming into a place where there are secondary flavors; of course, it will probably be another 10-20 years before perfect, but what a gorgeous young champagne.

the 85 Chave hermitage blanc is an extraordinarily beautiful wine — Chave white wine in really incredible — search it out (very very small production).  Who knew?  (except Mr. Wender).

Another great Mascarello Barolo  night — however, this time the 1958 (my birth year), which is one of the best if not THE best Barolo vintage, was a perfect bottle and blew our collective mind.  The 1971 was a close second.  The 1964 did not show as well as the one I reported about from a few weeks ago.

Here is a wine everyone who loves Bord forgets about — a SUPER super second:  Chateau La Conseillante.  The 1947 and the 1955 were extraordinary.  Mr. Wender brought perfect bottles.  The second best 55 bord I have had (after, of course, another super second, the La Miss, esp out of magnum).

And another wine we often forget about:  DRC Grand Eche.  Although it does not have the sexy terroir of La Tache, it can be, as we were schooled, really beautiful — I especially loved the 71 and the 85 (85 is the year to buy right now if you have the money to spend on Burgundy — my last five postings have given major props to all the 85 DRCs — ).

Our guest of honor was the most famous sommelier in Paris, Mr. Eric Beaumard (get his new book!) — if you are going to Paris check in with him — at the Four Seasons – Le Cinq Restaurant (top 10 in Paris).

Our private dinner was in the upstairs lounge (which is really gorgeous) at Andy Gordon’s (Toscana) new BH restaurant, Nerano.  We had the entire lounge to ourselves, and it was as good as it gets — it felt like we had taken over the entire restaurant.  The upstairs is a bar/lounge, and is a hot date spot — I give it a five star rec if you are really into getting into someone.

Here is the menu and photos of all the bottles:






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